When You Can’t Get Enough of LoL and Imagine Dragons

When You Can’t Get Enough of LoL and Imagine Dragons

If you’re in to computer, Internet and gaming, you surely have played various online games. One such game that I enjoyed playing online is League of Legends or simply LoL. As a programmer, I’m into various programming works and also have web design things to do. Playing PC games is my avenue to rest as well as socialize. This is also my way of connecting with my relatives in Mexico since I live in Texas.

In playing LoL, me, my brothers and cousins (living in Mexico) like the tune while playing. As I do my research about the background song, I got to know its title, “Warriors.” It was a single written and created by Imagine Dragons, an American alternative rock band. In fact, this song was created as part of the promotion for the 2014 World Championships of League of Legends (yes, there are world championships for PC games and not just LoL). As I did more research about this song, I learned it was also used as the official song of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015.It seems like a good fit for going into battle, as well as for a game of football.

Back when I was living in Mexico, we had fun listening to local rock bands as well as with international artists. These were our bonding moments and hearing the song from Imagine Dragons reminds me of them. Since I also do web design, I integrated their music in some of my personal blog sites that I share with my brother and cousins back home.

A Different Taste in Music

ariana_grandeSpeaking of Imagine Dragons, they also have a single entitled “Battle Cry” that they released for a Michael Bay film, one of the Transformer movies, the Transformers: Age of Extinction. For me, it simply shows how great Imagine Dragons is in creating their music as they make their name in various ways.

As I become a fan (together with my buddies at home), I wrote on my bucket list to watch Imagine Dragons. The perks of always being online allow me to be updated with the events of my favorite band. Check out an upcoming Imagine Dragons tour at http://www.musotickets.com/imagine-dragons-concert-tickets-tour-dates. I was able to get information about the scheduled tour and ticket pricing for a Imagine Dragons concert. I am planning to get my brother and hopefully some of my buddies from Mexico to watch Imagine Dragons perform live. I expect that would be another great shared experience and a simple way for me to give back. I know how hard life can be there in my home town and I would also like to acknowledge that it’s not easy to stay out of gangs and syndicates. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there will be circumstances to push you to go down that route. I am proud of my family’s efforts to strive for a better life; but sometimes I also feel bad about the friends and relatives that we have left behind. Being in a better country and having a dignified job did not give me a chip on my shoulder, it made me appreciate life more.

Hopefully, a simple visit back home will help me get rid of these feelings. In the meanwhile, my friends and my cousins stay in touch through our regular League of Legends games online. It’s something that we do to stay close and catch up on what’s happening to our families. Our parents approve and it amazes me that we still have so many things in common despite the distance and the years we have all spent apart from one another.

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