Mexico: My Complicated Homeland

Mexico: My Complicated Homeland

mexicoI love my homeland for many reasons, and sometimes I wonder if it would be good to move and continue working professionally closer to my town Oaxaca. However, because of a spotty history and the recent rise of crime syndicates, home has been marked as a dangerous place. Though I understand the ever-present danger, I’m here to mention how the beauty of my town is often overlooked by people who would rather think of the negatives. So let me take a break from the coding and the online world. Let me tell you about the things in Oaxaca, which tell a story about our history as a people and as a nation.

The Food

There’s nothing as unique as the dishes a people creates out of the food they have around them. in this case, I would urge you to try the many types of food we have in the local market square. Because of the many cooks who often compete all day to serve you the best, you can pick from a wide range of dishes, making each visit comparable to a buffet of meals. We also value the local flavor of our food; our asado, or barbecue, is to die for. Chocolate junkies will also find treats about in our special spicy hot chocolate and the little treats we prepare with every meal you partake.

The Art

Every culture and nation has an art scene of its own, and so it would be a waste if you didn’t explore our art scene to its fullest. There are museums all around which feature our best contemporary artists like Rufino Tamayo, who lived and painted in Oaxaca for all his life. If you wish, you can also look into the museum of contemporary art, which holds even more pieces from our most esteemed artists. If you wish to watch a few films, then we also have an underground viewing club open to anyone who finds it. The El Pochote Cine Club screens hundreds of classic and contemporary films that are not always known to the mainstream public. Of course, you will also need to learn Spanish as the films are dubbed or subtitled in our native language.

The Churches

The Spanish are a very religious people, and even if you do not subscribe to our faith, it is often a good to visit these places of faith. The Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman is a beautiful church, and has stood for almost centuries. Those that appreciate art will also find the swirls of gold and artifacts pleasing to the eye. Monte Alban is also another beautiful place to visit, and serves as both fortress and a place of worship for a culture long gone.

The Artisans

While the world moves forward, we have always maintained our culture, and if you were so inclined, you could even learn an ancient tongue from long ago. However, if you have little time to spend in Oaxaca, then might I suggest bringing home a handmade trinket? Our pottery is painted in a celebratory green and often complements home décor very well. If you have little ones, or like to collect little figures yourself, the alberijes figures found in many local markets can fill that need. They are brightly painted, and often, you can find very intricate designs made on each.

I wholeheartedly suggest you take an adventure through my homeland as soon as you can because despite what has happened to it, the place remains a gorgeous destination for art junkies and adventurers alike. You can also check out a few shows along the way or when you come back. Look up a good comedian and grab a few Daniel Tosh Tickets so that you have a few laughs. Click here for more info on tours stops.

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