Headed Home Again, Better Get MY Military Backpack Ready

Headed Home Again, Better Get MY Military Backpack Ready

OaxacaMoving to Austin was a big step for me but it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. There are so many wonderful things about living in the US. Work has been great and I have learned so much about programming from my colleagues. Web design was always a passion of mine and all of the opportunities that I’ve been blessed with have help me pursue my dreams.

But there is so much that I miss about home. Oaxaca is full of terrific people and it’s such a beautiful city. My family still lives there and I do miss it terribly. I am fortunate enough to have a career and a life in Austin that allows me to come back home quite frequently. When work doesn’t prevent my travels, of course. I’m often very busy at my job so sometimes it’s tougher to get back home than others. It all really depends on the workload, which has been pretty steady as of late. Things are going great at the company and I’ve been under some pretty heavy deadlines. Now those have come and gone and I’ve delivered on all of my projects.

That means it’s time to get out of town. I had planned my trip home a few months ago, keeping in mind that I had these pressing deadlines to meet, but knowing myself and my team, I had it all under control. We finished up three projects for our biggest accounts and with a few days to spare. So I wrapped up everything else at the office, brought the other teams up to speed on some of the other accounts that were coming along, in case my people needed some extra help while I was gone.

Now I’m all packed up and ready to go. Even got a new backpack for the trip this time. The old satchel had finally fallen apart and it was time to get a replacement, so I looked into military backpacks. One of my co-workers brought one into the office the other day. Man, that thing was huge and looked great. It had something like nine compartments, plenty of pockets and pouches, zippers, straps, all the bells and whistles.

He directed me to Pack-it-in Pack-it-out to look up military backpacks so I could find one of my own. ¬†You wouldn’t believe how many different sizes and shapes are available. This site had them all, reviewed each one and it made picking one out easy. I got a Maxpedition, it wasn’t too expensive, and I’ve been able to fit everything inside of it. I don’t even need another suitcase to take along. I can just stick it all in my military backpack and get on the plane. I won’t even have to check it either. That saves me a good forty bucks. This bag is already cost-effective!

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