The Gadgets of Tomorrow Today

The Gadgets of Tomorrow Today

smart shoesI’m a bit of a gadget freak. Actually, that’s kind of an understatement, I’m a gigantic gadget fan-boy. I’m one of those guys who waited in line at Best Buy for the PS4 and my Android Nexus 5. I’m the first to admit that I’ve been burned a few times after buying a new gizmo before it’s been vetted by other geeks. I’m thinking of my last Palm Pilot (what was I thinking?!?). But a few bad apples hasn’t deterred from seeking out new tech before it goes mainstream.

With today’s post I thought I’d share some of my favorite gadgets that don’t get as much press as things like Google glasses or self driving cars.

Smart Sneakers

The German company Fraunhofer has developed sneakers that have a built in bio-metric measuring devise that take all sorts of measurements while you’re running or just walking around. They will tell you how fast your going and if your weight is evenly distributed, and will make suggestions about how to run more safely so you don’t injure yourself.  They also include built in GPS so you can track your route or someone can find you if you get lost. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Cool Mouse

Whether you live somewhere hot like I do in Texas, or just get excited while gaming, then the cool mouse by Nyko is for you. It has a little fan blows air on your palm to help cool you down. There’s nothing worse than missing an easy kill while you’re gaming because your finger slipped. Definitely a good investment for gamers everywhere.

Tactical Watches

I wear a watch everywhere even though I always have my cell on me. I just like the look and feel of watches. Lately I’ve been getting into “smart” watches that not only tell the time but have all sorts of other cool built in functions. I’m partial to tactical watches like this one because they’re rugged which is a good thing for a klutz like me and they have multiple alarms, gps, thermometer, measure barometric pressure, and more. It’s really a small computer strapped to your wrist.

There are a ton of other cool gadgets out there but these are 3 of my favorites. I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments.

The Dark Side of Code

The Dark Side of Code

bitcoinYou’ve all heard of Bitcoin by now. In the event you haven’t, it’s a form of open source, peer to peer payment that operates without any central authority or traditional banking institutions. It’s basically a digital form of money that has been used since 2009 and users can send and receive bitcoins as payment for goods and services through wallet software on computers, apps, and mobile devices.

But they’ve garnered attention most recently over concerns that this type of cryptocurrency can be used for illegal activities. One such place this was most prevalent was on the Silk Road online black market, a veritable haven for purchasing drugs, weapons, and other contraband that was being offered and sold freely by people who wanted to remain anonymous and bitcoins offered some amount of privacy to conduct these transactions. The FBI seized control of the anonymous site in October 2013 and shut it down, confiscating something in the amount of 144,000 bitcoins worth around $28 million.